Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gazing out at the tapestry of light down below, the Hancock Building's 95th-floor window pressed cold upon my forehead, I notice three things:

1) The white lights flanking parallel streets create a sort of titanic runway, leading to the edge of town, speckled with SUVs that, at this height, are fuel-inefficient ants.

2) The nature of the lighting in this extravagantly expensive bar makes a ghostly image above the real city, phantom lights trying in vain to be half as spectacular as our city's addiction to electricity.

3) My fifteen-dollar cocktail is empty and some of it is on my tuxedo.

Oh, how I love Chicago.


William said...

I can imagine your first comment about the Fuel Inefficient Ants could have become run on:

fuel-inefficient, road-rage-waiting-to-happen, accident-prone, single-occupant ants

Cara said...

I linked to your blog from a comment you made on Cranky Fitness. Saw this and laughed. Check out this link of mine from a couple of months back if you'd like. We have very similar "at work" behaviors, pressing our heads to windows and cursing SUV drivers. It gave me a very "I'm not alone in this world" moment. Quite random. You are a talented writer, and I will be back.