Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tapped laboriously into my iPhone

Profanity represents our inner voice. It's as crucial a part of our language as all the flowery adjectives Shakespeare made up. Fuck, shit, cunt; these are power words, as forceful and vivid as a blow to the head.

Much as I loathe him in general I prefer the President Bush that calls a reporter an asshole; this honest vulgarity is more genuine than his sad attempt at eloquence.

Much as I remember her lofty descriptions of French cooking, I like the Julia Child who says some cooking beans are "hot as a stiff cock," because it implies that in her zest for life she saw a few.

Much as it shocked me and all the other apathetic students I like the teacher who urges her students to do things that "fucking matter," because it means she felt strongly enough to say it!

Somebody once told me that if you can't go without swearing it means you're incapable of expressing yourself any other way. I call bullshit--of course I can express myself in another way. But if I am close enough to you to swear openly and often, that makes you more than an audience for eloquence. It makes you a Goddamn equal. Bush told his colleague the reporter was an "asshole" because he trusted him; Julia said "cock" to her beloved husband; the professor roared "fuck" to make her students KNOW!

Profanity is ugly. Profanity is beautiful. Profanity is god-damned, mother-fucking power.


William said...

Where have I seen this before?

JWO said...

that is fucking beautiful

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm a big fan of obscenity, whether it's used casually or for higher purposes. But for some reason when blogging I always put an asterisk in f*ck or assh*loe or whatever. Perhpas fear of getting caught in some internet filter or something.
I'm all fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Jim said...

Fucking nice comment, JWO.

Crabby: Fear not, foul-mouthed crustacean! We will not judge you here, no matter how many f-bombs you drop or s-bombs you lob.

William: you've seen it because I showed it to you soon after I tapped it laboriously into my iPhone. :)