Monday, February 11, 2008


It's weird, watching everybody cry over somebody you didn't really know.

Objectively you know you're supposed to feel bad, and maybe you do; but forty minutes into the reflection on this person's life you find yourself surreptitiously checking delegate counts on your cell phone.

Until you see the reason you came, til you see the grieving one. Til you hug her and feel her shudder as she says your name--and says nothing else, because all the gratitude and sadness she can express is in that solitary word.

RIP, ma'am. I didn't really know you, but a lifetime's worth of people clearly did.

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William said...

Funeral's are for the living, not for the deceased. That's who matters at them, anyway.

Marraiges MIGHT be for the Groom & Bride, but you can never tell.