Thursday, February 21, 2008

Things I Love


The sheepish grin you see when someone forgets she's cursing in public.


The first, painful bite of too-hot gyoza squirting soy sauce against your teeth and making you wince at how goddamned good it tastes.

Lazy strokes of a fingertip along a girl's bare back.

Kisses at the throat, occasional bites, a fistful of hair.

Post-workout glow.

Post-sex glow.


Driving 85 in a 55 blaring Reel Big Fish and poorly, but honestly, singing along.

The blissful realization that you finally get your monologue, feel what your character's saying. It's the difference between reading a poem somebody handed you and performing one you wrote yourself.

Cats. Cats are nice.

This week, dear hypothetical readers: tell me what you love.

1 comment:

William said...

My ex-girlfriend's best friend laughing and enjoying me dancing while driving to the song "Beer" by Reel Big Fish. I loved that song, and until a month or two later, I didn't really realize why. I think it was the irony/hypocrisy.